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  • After seeing the quality & professional workmanship being done on a neighbours vehicle, I booked in to have my car done. I was so impressed with the fantastic results, that without hesitation, quickly followed up with 2nd booking of my sons car
  • Thanks for your service, yes I was happy you have made my 18 year old Ford transit lights look at least 10 years younger without any previous re-conditioning done. The lights didn't look fixable from the start, but ...
  • Thanks Full Beam for an excellent service.
    The headlights on our 2003 ES300 Lexus were looking foggy and yellow and I was concerned we might fail the next warrant of fitness inspection.
    Now they look really good, clear and bright so thanks again.
  • I am very happy with the results, I got my car back from insurance repair and as they only change one headlight I had to get the other cleaned. Scott did a great job with the headlight and now they match...
  • Thank you..job very well done.
  • Scott turned up on time as convened, and called ahead to confirm.
    Had all the tools to do the job correctly, and took all the precautions to protect the car during his work. He took very high pride in his work ...
  • The difference that this has made is huge - you can actually see the lights are an entirely different colour. Not only is this safer, it looks much better, and I feel much more confident driving at night" The service was...
  • 100% Improvement. Night time driving improved immensely. Massive change and now feel so much safer. Great service. 5 Stars