Frequently Asked Questions

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Why have my headlights gone cloudy?
Headlight clouding, hazing and/or yellowing is caused by Ultraviolet (UV) damage to the headlight lens, more specifically it is the lens coating that is affected by UV exposure from the harsh New Zealand sun. Once the coating has broken down it ......[enquire]
Does it matter that my headlights are cloudy?
In short - Yes. Cloudy headlights can be unsafe. The cloudiness of the headlight lens reduces the power and effectiveness of the vehicle's headlights as it ......[enquire]
Can cloudy headlights cause a WOF failure?
Yes. Cloudy headlights reduce the amount of light being emitted and can easily reach light levels that are unsafe for night-time driving. Cloudy headlights are not an uncommon cause of Warrant of Fitness test failures....[enquire]
The Full Beam Restoration process:
Full Beam Headlight Restoration does not just polish the headlight surface for a temporary fix. We completely remove the old and perished headlight coating and re-apply a new coating of extremely tough, modern, UV resistant clear coat using a specialist spray gun to provide a professional and long lasting fix....[enquire]
Can Full Beam clean the inside of my headlights?
Although it may look like the cloudiness is on the inside surface of the headlight unit it very rarely is. This is so rare that it is almost definite that the deterioration is on the outside and therefore restorable back to near new condition....[enquire]
Can't I use toothpaste to fix my cloudy headlights?
Toothpaste may produce some small aesthetic improvement but will do little to restore headlight performance or light output quality. Toothpaste contains a mild abrasive which when rubbed on the lens can remove some of the exposed oxidised layer from lightly clouded headlights, but it will have little affect on ......[enquire]
Does Full Beam Headlight Restoration cover my area/location?
Please check our service area map on the "Areas We Service" page from the Main Menu. If in doubt get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page from the main menu. ...[enquire]
How long does the headlight restoration take?
From start to finish the process will usually takes about 90 minutes...[enquire]
Do I need to be around during the restoration
No. As all work is external to the vehicle you do not need to remain in the vicinity while the restoration is done. In fact as long as we have access to the front of your vehicle we can carry out the restoration while you are at work or elsewhere....[enquire]
Do I need to leave my vehicle keys in a safe place?
No, you keep hold of your keys. As all the work is external we do not require internal access to the vehicle. Just ensure it is left in a safe location, with the handbrake applied and with enough room for us at the front of the vehicle (greater than 1 metre)....[enquire]
Do you require access to an electricity and/or water supply?
No. We carry everything we require with us. ...[enquire]