Can't I use toothpaste to fix my cloudy headlights?

Toothpaste may produce some small aesthetic improvement but will do little to restore headlight performance or light output quality.

Toothpaste contains a light abrasive which when rubbed on the lens can remove some of the exposed oxidised layer from lightly clouded headlights, but it will have little affect on more heavily clouded surfaces and will fail to remove any of the remaining clear coat resulting in a patchy finish. Also any improvement will be very temporary as without a UV resistant sealant to protect the lens the headlight will instantly start clouding again and will soon be back to where it was before.

At Full Beam we mechanically remove the entire damaged oxidised layer and whatever remains of the clearcoat sealant. We then polish the lens surface, wipe with decontaminate then re-apply with modern clear coat sealant using professional spray equipment. This will bring the headlight back to near new condition and restore headlight performance. [Click here] for more information on the Full Beam Headlight Restoration process.

Why have my headlights gone cloudy? [Click here]

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