The Full Beam Restoration process:

Full Beam Headlight Restoration does not just polish the headlight surface for a temporary fix. We completely remove the old and perished headlight coating and re-apply a new coating of extremely tough modern clear coat using a specialist spray gun equipment to provide a professional and long lasting fix.

Once on site the following process is followed:

  1. Mask the headlight edges and wrap the entire front of the vehicle to protect from over spray and sanding dust (see picture below).
  2. Mechanically remove all of the old perished headlight coating from both headlights.
  3. Once the coating is removed the surface is restored using progressively finer abrasive sanding disks to return the headlight lens surface back, as close as possible, to it's orignal condition.
  4. Clean the surface using a decontaminate to remove any traces of oil, wax and/or other solvents.
  5. Wipe the headlight surfaces with a high tack cloth to pick up any loose particles and dust. 
  6. Apply at least 2 coats of modern clearcoat using a pneumatic paint gun sprayer. We do not use hobbyist aerosol spray cans.
  7. Cure the new protective coating under infrared heaters. Then remove the masking, tidy up and remove all waste.

Headlights masked and front of car wrapped ready for the restoration to begin

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