COVID-19 Policy and protocols

The COVID-19 specific policies and operating protocols are outlined below:

Alert Level 1

No Covid specific restrictions.

Alert Level 2

Full Beam Headlight Restoration COVID-19 Alert Level 2 protocols are as per Alert Level 3 except that physical distancing can be reduced to 1m (as full contact tracking details available).

Alert Level 3

Full Beam Headlight Restoration fulfills the Government and Ministry of Health requirements for businesses operating under COVID-19 Level 3 (and below) and therefore will operate with the following protocols and procedures. 

No Customer Contacts

Full Beam Headlight Restoration only offers an online booking and payment option. We do not have a fixed workshop therefore the requirement of "no customers on premises" is not applicable. We do not need to interact with customers once we arrive at their specified location, in fact they do not even need to be there. We can text once we arrive and start work, and again when the job is complete. If customers wish to observe the work they must maintain a 2m distance from the Full Beam Engineer. We only need to work on the front exterior of the vehicle and do not require access to the interior.

No physical customer interaction is required.

No Inter-Staff Contact

All Full Beam Headlight Restoration staff work independently and remotely therefore do not physically interact. Consequently we satisfy requirements regarding physical distancing amongst staff.

Contact Tracing

Customer details entered during the booking process for all bookings allows us to support full contact tracing should we be notified of any possible virus exposure or risk.

PPE and General Hygiene

Full Beam Engineers will wash their hands with soapy water at the start and end of the job. 

PPE usage will remain the same as before the COVID-19 crisis, that is, the use of disposable nitrile protective gloves and 3M respirator mask when spraying the new headlight coating.