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Full Beam Headlight Restoration

- the Cloudy Headlight Fixers! 

We restore cloudy, yellowed or hazy vehicle headlights. No need to replace expensive headlight units; we can can restore yours.

Increased night-time visibility ~ Address WOF failures ~ Improve the image and value of your vehicle

Mobile service covering the central Auckland area - from Point Chevalier to Howick to Manukau.
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1 Year Warranty

1 Year No Fuss Warranty for peace of mind

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Gift Vouchers Available

Give a gift that will make your loved ones safer, smarten the look of their vehicle and maybe increase it's value. A voucher covering the full cost of a Headlight Restoration can be purchased from our online shop. The voucher will be emailed to you for printing out or forwarding on. The recipient can then use the voucher code to book a service at a time and place convenient to them via our website. Terms and Conditions apply

A Few Frequently Asked Questions:

Why have my headlights gone cloudy?

Headlight clouding, hazing and yellowing is caused by Ultraviolet (UV) damage to the headlight lens, more specifically it is the lens coating that is affected by UV exposure from the harsh New Zealand sun...

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Does it matter that my headlights are cloudy?

In short - Yes. Cloudy headlights can be unsafe. A cloudy headlight lens reduces the power and effectiveness of the vehicle's headlights as it decreases the amount of light that can pass through the headlight lens. This significantly reduces the range and quality of night-time driver vision. A recent study found as much as an 80% reduction...

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What is the Full Beam restoration process?

Full Beam Headlight Restoration does not just polish the headlight surface for a temporary fix. We completely remove the old and perished headlight coating and re-apply a new coating of extremely tough, modern, UV resistant clear coat using a specialist spray gun equipment to provide a professional and long lasting fix...

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